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Kamigyo Ward is one of the 11 districts that comprise Kyoto City. Located in the heart of the city, falls on the north side of Kyoto once. The Kamogawa River flows to the east side.
The Kyoto Prefecture Office is also located in this district.

Municipality KyotoKamigyou-Ku
Region 京都市の区一覧
Population (people) 84939
Area (sq. Km) 7.03
Population density 12082.4

KyotoKamigyou-Ku gender ratio

Inhabitant tax of Kamigyou-Ku,Kyoto

Prefectures Municipality Equal share Income ratio
Prefectures Municipality Prefectures Municipality
Kyoto Kamigyou-Ku 2,100yen 3,500yen 4% 6%
Inhabitant tax amount(Case:400万円) 2,100yen 3,500yen 70,400yen 105,600yen
Annual amount of residence tax(Total) 181,600yen

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