What is e10map.com?

The migration map is a site that summarizes the voices of those who live in each region of Japan.

In addition, it is also a portal site that posts information on immigration.

We will post information that will be helpful for people who wish to migrate to the region now.

Before moving to Japan

In the migration map, we have posted reviews from people who actually lived in each municipality.

In addition, I gathered the migration support information etc. each municipality has done.

Those who are wondering where they live, why not try considering emigration based on the merits and demerits?

What is migration

Migration is the act of leaving a certain region or country for the purpose of permanent residence elsewhere.

There are many factors that people choose to emigrate, factors are divided into two factors, "being drawn" and "exiting".

Better economic opportunities and seeking better climatic conditions are cited as examples of "being drawn" factors, and examples of factors that fear of poverty and religious and political discrimination "come out" are cited.

Reason for migration: Factors to be "drawn"

  • Increase opportunities for farmland acquisition
  • Cheap prices
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Increase in wages
  • Better welfare / education

Reason for migration: "Exit" factor

  • Lack of work
  • Lack of political or religious rights
  • persecution and intolerance in race, religion, sex, sexual orientation
  • Lack of farmland
  • Suppression of legal and political position

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