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Ujitawara town is located in Kyoto Prefecture. Ujitawara town is said to have developed a blue green tea production method by Nagatani Zone in the Edo period, and advocates the "birthplace of Japan green tea". It occupies a corner of the main production area of "Uji tea" in Kyoto Prefecture now.

Municipality KyotoUzhitawara Town
Region 山城中部地域
Population (people) 9323
Area (sq. Km) 58.16
Population density 160.3

KyotoUzhitawara Town gender ratio

Inhabitant tax of Uzhitawara Town,Kyoto

Prefectures Municipality Equal share Income ratio
Prefectures Municipality Prefectures Municipality
Kyoto Uzhitawara Town 2,100yen 3,500yen 4% 6%
Inhabitant tax amount(Case:400万円) 2,100yen 3,500yen 70,400yen 105,600yen
Annual amount of residence tax(Total) 181,600yen

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