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The Kami-Tsushima village is a village of Tokyo in the Izu Islands.

It consists of islands, including the Kami-Tsushima, fishermen, anglers, and people who are well-known to those who are interested in diving. Most of the inhabitants of the Maehama are concentrated in the vicinity of the kami-Tsushima port, and there are only a few houses and buildings in the euphoric bay. Recently, the private house has begun to advance to the Happiness Bay.

Municipality TokyoKoudushima Village
Region 島嶼部
Population (people) 1891
Area (sq. Km) 18.58
Population density 101.78

TokyoKoudushima Village gender ratio

Inhabitant tax of Koudushima Village,Tokyo

Prefectures Municipality Equal share Income ratio
Prefectures Municipality Prefectures Municipality
Tokyo Koudushima Village 1,500yen 3,500yen 4% 6%
Inhabitant tax amount(Case:400万円) 1,500yen 3,500yen 70,400yen 105,600yen
Annual amount of residence tax(Total) 181,000yen

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