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Shin-onsen town is a town in Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture. District of Tajima prefectural authorities.

On October 1, 2005, Hamasaka Town and the hot spring town were merged into the establishment. The new spa town is located in the northernmost west end of Hyogo and the Kansai region. The west touches Tottori Prefecture, and the North faces the Sea of Japan. The coast is designated as the Sanin Coast National Park, and it is designated as a National scenic spot and a natural monument by the name of "Tajima Hiura".

Municipality HyogoShinonsen Town
Region 但馬
Population (people) 14818
Area (sq. Km) 241.01
Population density 61.48

HyogoShinonsen Town gender ratio

Inhabitant tax of Shinonsen Town,Hyogo

Prefectures Municipality Equal share Income ratio
Prefectures Municipality Prefectures Municipality
Hyogo Shinonsen Town 2,300yen 3,500yen 4% 6%
Inhabitant tax amount(Case:400万円) 2,300yen 3,500yen 70,400yen 105,600yen
Annual amount of residence tax(Total) 181,800yen

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