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Tsurugashima City is a city of about 70,000 people in the central Saitama Prefecture. It is located slightly south of Saitama Prefecture, but is usually considered to be the western part of Saitama Prefecture. Located on the edge of the Iruma plateau (opposite the Irumagawa from the northern end of the Musashino Plateau), the altitude is about 30 meters to 50 meters, and is gently down from the southwest to the northeast.

Municipality SaitamaTsurugashima City
Region 川越比企地域
Population (people) 70267
Area (sq. Km) 17.65
Population density 3981.13

SaitamaTsurugashima City gender ratio

Inhabitant tax of Tsurugashima City,Saitama

Prefectures Municipality Equal share Income ratio
Prefectures Municipality Prefectures Municipality
Saitama Tsurugashima City 1,500yen 3,500yen 4% 6%
Inhabitant tax amount(Case:400万円) 1,500yen 3,500yen 70,400yen 105,600yen
Annual amount of residence tax(Total) 181,000yen

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